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Tour Guide in Algeria

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We’ve been guiding in Algerian cities for eight years as a guide, we can guide you to most of unknown corners of Algerian cities.
We can guide you to all of the cities below:
Algiers: Casbah, Notre Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa), Monument of the martyr, The Test Garden of Hamma.
Blida: Chrea Mountains.
Tissemsilt: Theniet El Had National Park
Oran: Fort Santa Cruz, Chapel Santa Cruz
Setif: Roman Ruins Of Djemila
Constantine: The Bridges of Constantine
Tlemcen: Mansoura; Cave of Bani Aad; the tomb of Sidi Boumediène, Leisure Park Lalla Setti.
Bejaia: Parc Of Yemma Gouraya; Cap Carbon.
All cities of Algeria are known with their historical architecture, the coastal cities in Algeria are the oldest cities in the Mediterranean area.

Mother tongue : Arabic, french
Work languages : English, french, arabic
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