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Why camping in the Landes?

Feb 13, 2024

Why camping in the Landes?

Going camping in the Landes is often an excellent idea. For people traveling alone, it is an opportunity to meet people who live far from the hustle and bustle of big cities. As for groups of friends, they will appreciate the fact that there are plenty of activities to do together…or separately!

Discover the Landes férias

A weekend is enough to dive into the atmosphere of these ceremonies taking place systematically in the villages. The latter use the férias to make the public discover fields as diverse as gastronomy, games, and the customs in force in these rural localities. Some activities taking place during the férias will delight children. Others are aimed more specifically at adults. For example, people who like to discover wines will appreciate going to the Tursan vineyard.

Disconnect from your daily life

Pour réserver votre camping dans les Landes, vous devez simplement aller sur Internet. Participer aux festivités locales dans les Landes vous offre un formidable moment de dépaysement. D’abord, parce que vous allez découvrir des modes de vie différents. Ensuite, parce que vous allez « perdre le contrôle » de vos journées. En effet, vous commencerez les journées sans jamais avoir une idée précise du type d’activités que vous allez accomplir. Ce « lâcher prise » est, pour beaucoup de gens, l’ingrédient de vacances réussies. Enfin, vous apprécierez les Landes parce que vous porterez des tenues traditionnelles. En effet, pour aller à la féria, il faudra être en blanc et rouge si vous êtes à Dax. Le blanc et le bleu sont indispensables pour participer à la féria de Mont-de-Marsan.

Participate in the races

It is recommended to discover the Landes races. This type of event allows you to combine sports practice and vacations. Just walking from your camp to the race site will allow you to warm up your muscles. These races can be experienced as a real competition with adrenaline rush and (great) desire to win. You can also take the start by adopting the motto of Baron Pierre De Coubertin “the important thing is to participate”. In this case, it is more the pleasure of spending time with other people that will motivate you.

Reconnect with nature

Visiting the moors is also an opportunity to get closer to nature. It is more interesting to stay either in a campsite or with a local. In the first case, you can easily choose a site that you like. Better still, you can change the site from one day to the next. This is convenient for waking up in many breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. The second choice is convenient for learning how the Landes live. You will completely immerse yourself in the local ways.

Why camping in Landes

Walk through the Landes forest

The Landes forest is both a place full of history and a vast playground. There are several tourist routes to discover it. You can walk them with or without a guide. One of the advantages of the Landes forest is that it is possible to walk through it while living there. You will easily find many accommodation offers. You will appreciate the bungalows, the campsites, some of which are even refined enough to offer you heated swimming pools!

Ride a bike

Going to the Landes is also a good opportunity to practice outdoor sports. There are many routes for cyclists. Try the “Vélodyssée” which allows you to discover the Landes on your two wheels. This route is usually completed in six days. The Landes has the advantage of having both pine forests and beaches.

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