Suzan Kahraman


Art Historian, Professional Tour Guide English & Bulgarian, Engineer, Consultant

Nice to meet you. My name is Suzan and I am ready to help you for your tour as guide and planner as well. I am looking forward to welcoming you to Turkey.

Apart from guiding all around İstanbul (or amazing places such as Cappodicia, Ephesus or Antalya) to enrich your experience, which can be a culinary experience, a ferry or Bosphorus trip to the Asian side like a local, seeing nature, visiting an archeological or art museum, a street walk, seeing an exhibition, shopping for something special etc ,
I can provide you with custom made itinerary planning.

Please send me your draft itinerary and your wish list. I will design one also and we can develop it according to your own style and what you would like to see or experience.


Mother tongue : turkish, bulgarian
Languages of visits : english, turkish, bulgarian
Certified Guide   ✔

Suzan Kahraman guide accompagnatrice de voyage à Istanbul