Melis Selcuk


Tour guide in Turkey

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Merhaba I am Melis. That word welcomes you when you arrive to Bodrum and it means ‘Hello’ in Turkish. I am a local and love all details in my blue town. I have lived in Milano, spent long time in Canada and Malta and travelled to many countries. In my travel experiences I always tried to understand the real life of the locals and find the hidden places. I have always enjoyed to host my friends from abroad. Every time they told me that they have never seen those places in their previous trips. Now I want to reach people to show them the most beautiful details here. You can choose your own experience packages which includes arts, design, local drinks, slow food, artisanship and antiques. I will try to move your 5 senses and tell the stories behind the experiences. Let’s experience Bodrum with locals!
Mother tongue: Turkish
Languages of visits: English, Turkish
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