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Hello dear visitors !!! Here Santo your Guide, welcome to my page. Passionate about travel and adventure, I traveled the sub-region for a long time in order to discover new things, embrace new cultures, etc., which finally paid off. Indeed, I have great knowledge of the places listed including their histories, cultures and customs with also a mastery of several local languages ​​including Wolof, Creole etc, facts which guarantee a fluid contact with the indigenous population and naturally discoveries and fruitful encounters. Moreover, with regard to Guinea-Bissau, my native country, particularly the Bijagos Archipelago with its more than 80 islands, including the most famous and popular (Bubaque, Bolama, Rubane, etc.) for its heavenly beaches, exotic nature , buildings dating back more than a century testifying to the passage of Portuguese settlers (Tugas) offer an ideal and pleasant setting for a most memorable stay. The discovery for you dear visitors will only be pure pleasure in all these forms. I know these places better because I spent almost all my childhood there… In addition, I have acquired experience in the field with my previous trips as a guide which I will put at your disposal. Here is a brief summary of my profile. Do not hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for your attention, see you soon!!!
Mother tongue: Creole
Languages of visits: : English, French, Portuguese, Spanish