Isabelle Kremser


Tour guide in Madagascar

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I work as CEO for a local tour based on the island of Madagascar. We arrange tours throughout the island. Easy Madagascar tours is established to realize a vision to provide our clients with the highest quality of service in a friendly and welcoming environment. In addition to being born in Madagascar, I studied tourism and hospitality in a private institute in the capital, Antananarivo and have worked all our adult life in many different positions in several tourism businesses. I have already visited the various tourist sites and the national parks and reserves of the island. All these experiences have allowed me to acquire the knowledge and particularities of all sites and parks, but also sensitivity to the needs of the clients and I would like to put hem at the service of our clients in order that they keep a pleasant and unforgettable and memorable of their trip in Madagascar.
Mother tongue: Malagasy
Languages of visits: English, Malagasy, French

Certified guide