Julie Tran

France > Lyon

I became a tour guide in 2012 as I wanted to combine my different passions such as social and cultural interactions, foreign languages and the beautiful French heritage.

Sharing my knowledge with visitors and seeing smiles on their faces is one of my best rewards my job could offer me. Since 2017,

I offer atypical tours in the Lyon region; wine tasting in the Rhône Valley, meetings of passionate and locals craftsmen, and many other unique experiences.

I want to share my knowledge of this land and the fascinating people who makes it live.

The respect of the environment is very important for me, I try to work with producers in biodynamic and in sustainable agriculture.

All our tours are based on encounters with locals, for me that’s the best memories we have after a tour and when we go back home !

Mother tongue : french
Languages of visits : english, german, french
Certified Guide   ✔

Julie Tran guide accompagnatrice de voyage en Auvergne