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Hello ! My name is Jean-Alexandre (but call me Alex !) I am a full-time guide, and like professional guides in France, I am holder of the tour guide card issued by the French Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Lyon University. I am also a teacher in this university in the training for guides. I am responsible for 3 classes : adaptation to English-speaking visitors, adaptation to river cruise tourism, and business creation. Welcoming people in my 2, 000 year old city of Lyon is my second nature ! I am here to offer completely different tours because I really love my job, and that is what really and objectively makes the difference ! Sharing – Understand – Open-mindedness – Knowledge – Otherness – Warmth – and Yum-Yum are the keywords during my tours. I am specialized in interactive tours and food tours : talking together, looking for details on facades, making people understand things, and of course there is no tour with me without a tasting or a drink ! Always with the sense of humour, but very strict in terms of QUALITY, I guarantee a 100% convivial and informative experience together ! Lyon is a very fascinating city added to UNESCO’s world heritage list where the variety of activities to do and sceneries to discover is very impressive : The city is considered as the french capital of gastronomy, but that is not the only reason why I got specialized in food tours and why I spend my days in the impressive indoor market Les Halles de Lyon-Paul Bocuse. I am a foodie and I deeply believe that food is a perfect introduction to another culture, a wonderful way to enjoy life, meet people, and face otherness. So, in order to be very professional I had several trainings on cheese production, wine and liqueur tastings, chocolate and confectionery. Lyon also used to be the main centre of silk production in Europe during centuries : you can’t imagine the treasures we still have in beautiful made-in-Lyon-velvet shops, and the skills of passionate artisans we meet together during weaving demonstrations or demonstrations of handmade painting on silk. . . And then Lyon was a really important city during World War 2 as far as the French Resistance is concerned, so let’s follow me in the maze of “traboules”, these hidden passageways between the streets and through the buildings used by both resistants and silk weavers. . . See you very soooooon
Mother tongue: French
Languages of visits: Italian, French, English

Certified guide