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Hi everyone, my name is Francesco. I would like to welcome you to my warm and welcoming Emilia Romagna. I am originally from Ravenna but have lived in Bologna for many years. In the city of food and the richest gastronomic culture of Italy is where I decided to live. I am a tour guide and a tour leader with a regular license and since I am a professional wine taster I have chosen to tell my territory giving great importance to the food and wine aspect. First of all I would say that I feel like a traveler, just like you. I have travel experience on almost every continent. As a traveler, I like to blend in with the local people and learn from them the secrets of the place visited. In every place I visit then, I love to taste the local delicacies. I also give great importance to storytelling. To what and how say something, for this reason I have devoted a lot of time to writing (another interest I have) and, lucky me… I have published two travel novels, nationwide distributed. So, my idea of ​​traveling and touring is to get to know people with a local perspective, to get to know the historical and gastronomic culture and to know how to tell it. This is my idea of ​​travel and what I try to spread to the travelers I meet! I can provide walking and tasting tours in the cities of Bologna and Ravenna.
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