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I am Daniela Lanfredi, I live in Parma where I work as a certified guide for Emilia Romagna.

I have a Master Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, that is a useful daily instrument to get in touch with tourists from all over the world.

I am above all curious and eager to understand the beauty, the people and the place where I live, Emilia, and I would love to share this experience with you.

That is why I decided to become a guide, to study and understand the links between the masterpieces, traditions and flavors I like and to share my experience with people who decide to trust me. Frequently my tours begin under the Correggio Cupola and end around a generous table!

Mother tongue : italian
Languages of visits : english, french, italian
Certified Guide   ✔

Daniela Lanfredi guide accompagnatrice de voyage en Emilie-Romagne en Italie