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I’m a French-speaking nature guide.

The road is adventure, wonder, encounters and luck. Paths, even stones, have much to teach us. Etna, the lighthouse of the Mediterranean, will tell us all about Sicily.

If we let his old mountain boots, which have been with him since 1997, speak for themselves, they’d tell you that Giuseppe is a son of Etna, this living mountain both angry and generous with its children.
It was the summer of 1997 when Giuseppe climbed to the top of the volcano for the first time. These old shoes may well bear witness to the double life of a computer scientist who later became a nature guide out of love for the mountains.

You learn the way by walking. For 20 years, Giuseppe has passed on this love of adventure to a number of young people who have become guides themselves.
Etna is a mountain like no other, because it’s a living mountain. It’s about sharing cultures and languages. It’s about people meeting people.
So, in 2017, Giuseppe completed his path of learning the French language.
Now he can truly blend the two cultures, since his soul is Franco-Sicilian.

Mother tongue : italian
Languages of visits : french, italian
Certified Guide   ✔

Giuseppe Consoli guide touristique en Sicile