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I’m Caterina, I’ve got a degree in Arts applied to theatre music and cinema and I’ve been active as a professional licensed tour guide in English and Italian since 2000.

I’m vice-president of the “Associazione Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina e Taormina” and I’m very passionate about my job.

Born and raised in Sicily I feel this is the perfect place for me to express my outgoing personality and to fulfill my main interests, history, art, nature and folk traditions.

Being a tour guide isn’t just a matter of education, knowledge and language skills.
In this job I think empathy is strongly needed and adds that special something which makes the difference when working with people coming from different countries and having individual expectations and needs.
After all delivering tours for me means sharing my usual positive mood and make people have a great time.

If you’d like to focus on the northern coast of Sicily and on the Aeolian Islands don’t hesitate to contact me.
I can deliver tours in off-the-beaten-path tiny villages where the living is still easy and relaxed or in larger cities where the bustling “sicilianità” pops out.

Whatever you choose it will be my pleasure to show you around and provide a unique experience so that you’ll give in to the Sicilian charm.

Mother tongue : italian
Languages of visits : english, italian
Certified Guide   ✔

+39 3334504692

Caterina De Simone guide accompagnatrice de voyage en Sicile

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