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I am a licenced Tour Guide registered at the Regional Association of Tourist Guides of Sardinia. I’ve worked as guide since 2004 and since 2005 I’ve owned “A Ciuciu itinerari in Sardegna,” which deals with planning routes and tourist services for private individuals, groups, TO, travel agencies. Besides monuments, museums, archaeological sites of great interest you can taste the local food, maybe learning how to cook some dishes with an elderly lady of the house. You can meet local artisans and follow the movements of their ancestral hands that weave baskets, fine linen, forged knives. You will learn the local dances participating to the dance rehearsal of several folk groups of little villages of the island. You can caress the resounding stones of the famous Pinuccio Sciola in his garden, see the sculptures of Nivola where they were born, and hear the singing “a tenores” in the mountains of Bitti. This is the Sardinia I like showing.
Mother tongue: Italian
Languages of visits: French, Italian, English

Informal guide

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