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I am a passionate and experienced tour Guide in Rome and I propose classical tours first of all and unusual tours: 1. Talking Statues Tour An amazing walking tour to discover the most important Baroc and Renaissance monuments talking of an ancient tradition: Romans were used to write any kind of polemic against Popes and powerful families. They attached letters on the ancient statute to protest against unfair events 2.Caravaggio Tour :an interesting walking tour around Tridente district, starting at the ancient Flaminia Door to discover the painter who was misunderstood when he was alive and so loved after his death. We have tree stops in tree different churches where there are some of his paintings : Santa Maria del Popolo, San Luigi dei Francesi e Sant’Agostino. An amazing unusual tour around the baroque and renaissance styles 3. An amazing walking tour in the Renaissance heart of Rome: we will discover some of the most unusual and unknown narrow streets. We will admire the fifteenth and sixteenth-century palaces and we will talk about some women that lived there : lovers who became immortal thanks to their love, the most famous courtesans and pretty girls victims of the corruption in Rome of Michelangelo and Raphael times 4. the Egyptian culture in Rome: Walking Tour We will discover the most important memories of this culture that was so loved in the ancient times: we are talking of the obelisk first but also of some statues . And other curiosities too
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