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The official guide of France based in Bordeaux and a professional wine expert of international level.
For almost 20 years I have been working as a guide providing tours in Russian, French and English.

I love Bordeaux and the region, traditionnlly called Gascony. Regional culture and history, wine and gastronomy are integral parts of my excursions.
I try to give global vision of the future through the past and the present intermingling nature and humans in it.

Thus my dear guests you will hear the ocean breeze, the generous words of locals, Gascons, swaying ferns, the sound of heels on the paving stones of a medieval city, unobtrusive music in a cafe …

You will feel the wonderful air of the 18th century Bordeaux, the ocean air of the Silver Coast mixed with pine resin, forest freshness, and finally, the smell of inviting gastronomy will draw you to the restaurant.
You will enjoy delicate ocean sand and subtle clear water, taste oysters, admire millennial ancient stones that built cathedrals, basilicas, houses, monasteries and fortresses.
And wine will unite all the senses into a single whole. A delicate aroma with a long aftertaste will warm up and evoke a million emotions.
And from somewhere in the distance a melody comes to mind, penetrating the soul. Harmony…

I offer excursions for individual tourists or already established groups, wine tours, master classes on introduction to tasting, gastronomic tours, exclusive and inventive tours.

Mother tongue : russian
Languages of visits : english, french, russian
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Victoria Nabholz guide touristique à Bordeaux et en Aquitaine

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