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You may not have heard about it before but the Gilbert Bécaud’s song “Nathalie” talking about a tour guide in Moscow was fated for me as a professional tour guide for 15 years now. Let me take you to explore the mysterious charms of the St Emilion Heritage: cobblestoned streets, old houses, former monasteries, underground church… Without forgetting the world famous vineyards, the first recognized by Unesco as a Cultural landscape in 1999. A great blend between nature, wine and human. Aside tour guide in my beautiful birth region, I have created with my husband and some friends an association: organizing concerts, entertainments for kids and adults, bar and 100% local producst shops in the middle of the vineyards ! As a sum up, I am a real epicurian girl ! Let’s follow me !
Mother tongue: French
Languages of visits: English, French, Spanish
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