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Hello. My name is Nasim Aram. I am the owner of a photography studio in Tehran and a tour guide either. I studied art, so if u like to know about the art of Iran in museums and some historical sites y,u can count on me :) Depends on your taste, tour program can be changed. I will be waiting for you in 8 ,30 in my car in your hotel. We can visit the oldest royal complex in Tehran and a UNESCO word heritage site, the memorizing golestan palace. We can also visit national museum of Iran, and jewelry museum. After completing mostly cultural half of a tour, its time for a stroll in the old northern district of the city(tajrish square and tajrish bazaar. ).don’t miss alborz mountains in darband, the most popular weekend spot for the massive population of the city which has fresh weather, stunning landscapes and flowing will have some professional photos in this tour also
Mother tongue: Persia
Languages of visits: English, Persia

Informal guide