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For nearly 8 years, I have been offering nature outings and photo courses, whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, to discover remarkable ecosystems.

Photography is a privileged way to share and discover nature in a different way (in total immersion). “We are easily in the contemplation (the present moment), and there, the photography brings to have a different look on the world which surrounds us”.

Whether you have a camera, a photophone or binoculars, I adapt to your desires and needs to build my outings and my accompaniment. “Participants can come with or without a camera, I provide them.

The adventure begins here!

Photographic walks on themes (“Migratory birds”, “Orchids and butterflies”, or, in the nice season, photos with feet in the water, discovering the small aquatic fauna “Waterfalls and dragonflies”)

Experiential ecotourism outing.

Here is a game of riddles around an educational pond to discover the predator behind the disappearance of a flagship species. Fun and educational!

Coming soon!

Shinrin yoku” mindfulness walk, inspired by ancestral Japanese traditions, aiming at reconnecting to the essential, to the restorative virtues of Mother Nature.

My favorite outings: the Rupt de Mad, for the beauty of its landscapes, where a river flows at the bottom of the valley, the mysterious marshy ecosystems of the ponds of Lachaussée, which offer an exceptional biodiversity, and finally, the majestic lake of Madine and its watersheds, the Meuse hills.

My values: listening, benevolence, creativity, and humor.

Mother tongue : french
Languages of visits : french
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