Cristian Blanco


Tour guide in Chile

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I have been a tourism professional for 28 years including 18 as a tourist guide. As a local from Valparaíso, I love sharing interesting local cultural facts and stories to travelers. I lived 8 years in Philadelphia as a child, so I am 100% bilingual. My geographical area of expertise is the entire central area of Chile which includes the capital Santiago and my home coastal towns of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. My main clientele have been guests arriving/ embarking from/ to cruise ships into any of the ports in the central region, like San Antonio and Valparaíso. I have also been a tour leader, in charge of groups traveling along the length of our beautiful country for several weeks at a time. As a tourism professional, I am qualified to plan almost any type of personalized tour, backed by my local knowledge. One of my goals when people come to visit is to have them feel like locals during the time that they´re with me. Most of the time, you only visit once a place when you travel, so making the best of your experience is everything.
Mother tongue: Spanish, English
Languages of visits: English, Spanish

Certified guide