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Whether you're drawn to the snow-capped peaks of Gulmarg, the tranquility of Mughal gardens in Srinagar, or exploring the picturesque villages of Java, this region is full of wonders to discover.
Soak up the magic of the Pahalgam Valley, where rivers meander through lush green meadows. Then embark on a peaceful cruise on the famous Dal Lake, surrounded by magnificent gardens and picturesque floating houses.
Java is also renowned for its delicate handicrafts, carpets and refined embroidery. Let yourself be seduced by the bustling bazaars of Srinagar and discover unique treasures to take home as souvenirs.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Java

  • Yogyakarta

    Yogyakarta is a city that captures the very essence of Javanese culture. Discover an enchanting blend of age-old traditions and modernity.
    The cultural heart of Yogyakarta lies in the royal palace, the Kraton. Explore this historic complex, steeped in tradition, and watch traditional dance performances.
    The temple of Borobudur is a Buddhist marvel close to the city. You’ll marvel at its stupas and bas-reliefs that tell ancient stories.
    And don’t miss Prambanan temple, a complex Hindu site with elegant towers.
    Yogyakarta is also a paradise for art lovers, with a thriving art scene. You can discover contemporary art galleries and local craft workshops.
    The Malioboro district is the center of nightlife, with its boutiques, restaurants and open-air shows.
    Borobudur Temple: When you visit Yogyakarta, a spiritual jewel awaits you just a few kilometers outside the city: the majestic Borobudur Temple. Nestled at the foot of Mount Merapi, this 9th-century Buddhist temple is one of the most sacred and impressive sites in Southeast Asia.
    Rising nine stories high, Borobudur is a pyramid-shaped structure composed of thousands of hand-carved panels depicting Buddhist philosophy and the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. The summit offers panoramic views of the rice terraces and surrounding volcanoes.
    As you climb the stone staircases, you follow the Buddhist pilgrimage path, meditating on carved representations of Buddha and bas-reliefs depicting scenes from daily life at the time.
    The Merapi volcano: The Merapi volcano is much more than a majestic mountain. It is a living entity, the powerful soul of Java, ready to tell its story to courageous travellers.
    The climb is an unforgettable adventure, allowing you to immerse yourself in the raw beauty of nature and the power of the Earth. The path is punctuated by lunar landscapes, winding trails, and the chance to see glowing lava as it escapes from its bowels.
    When you reach the summit, a panoramic view of green valleys and other surrounding mountains awaits you.

  • Pangandaran and surroundings

    South of Java, Indonesia reveals one of its hidden gems: Pangandaran and its surroundings. This little-known destination promises an authentic adventure combining wild nature, beaches and rich culture.
    Pangandaran, a small coastal town, is famous for its golden beach and waves ideal for surfing. It’s the perfect place to relax, sunbathe and enjoy fresh seafood in local restaurants.
    Nearby, Pangandaran National Park is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Here you can observe monkeys, exotic birds and reptiles in their natural habitat. Don’t forget to visit the Batu Karas cave with its fascinating stalactite formations.
    The island of Nusakambangan, nicknamed “Crocodile Island”, is a mystery in itself. It is home to a high-security prison and dense forest, offering a unique island jungle experience.
    The local fishing villages will give you a warm welcome, and you can even join them for a day of sea fishing.

  • Ujung Kulon National Park

    At the tip of the island of Java, the incredible Ujung Kulon National Park awaits you, like a warm embrace of nature. Located at the western tip of Java, this natural treasure is the ultimate haven for wildlife lovers and adventure enthusiasts.
    Peucang Island: Imagine yourself on an island paradise, surrounded by white sandy beaches, azure seas and lush vegetation. Peucang Island offers all this and more. Here you can explore secluded coves, dive in crystal-clear waters and relax to the sound of the waves.
    Java Rhinoceros: The park is also famous for being the last refuge of the endangered Java rhinoceros. Join guided safaris to catch a glimpse of this majestic animal.
    Tanjung Layar Point: Climb to Tanjung Layar Point for spectacular panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and rock formations reminiscent of ship sails.
    Handeuleum Islands: Explore the canals and mangroves of the Handeuleum Islands by pirogue to discover an incredible diversity of birds, crabs, fish and monkeys.

  • Dieng plateau

    Nestled at an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level, this magical place transports you to a world where nature and culture blend harmoniously.
    Arjuna Temple: Begin your journey into the heart of spirituality by exploring the Arjuna Temple, a complex of Hindu temples over 1,200 years old. These ancient structures, with their ornate carvings, bear witness to the history and richness of Javanese culture.
    Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon lakes: Admire the beauty of Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon lakes, whose waters take on changing hues depending on the light and weather. These picturesque lakes are surrounded by verdant mountains, creating a fairytale landscape.
    Sikidang Geyser: Be impressed by the sulfur fumes and bubbling geysers of the Sikidang Geyser. You can observe the region’s volcanic activity up close while breathing in the sulfur-laden air.
    Hiking in the mountains: The Dieng Plateau offers countless hiking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike through meadows, cross rice terraces and enjoy the pure mountain air.

  • Malang’s colorful villages

    When you enter the Malang region, you enter a world where color reigns supreme and beauty is evident around every corner. The colorful villages of Malang are a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences.
    Jodipan Village: Your journey begins in Jodipan, also known as “Rainbow Village”. The houses here are painted in every shade of the rainbow, creating a stunning visual spectacle. The locals have turned this place into a tableau vivant, and every street corner is a new explosion of color.
    Kampung Biru Arema: This village is another example of the art of painting in the region. The buildings are painted bright blue and white, creating a serene, peaceful atmosphere. You’ll feel transported to another world as you explore the alleyways of this enchanting village.
    Kampung Tridi: In this village, mural art reaches new heights. The walls of the houses are covered with 3D murals that deceive the eye and bring the images to life. Walk through these magical streets and enjoy a unique immersive experience.
    Coban Rondo Falls: Just outside the villages, don’t miss the majestic Coban Rondo Falls. Nestled in the midst of lush nature, these waterfalls offer a peaceful setting for a walk and a refreshing swim.
    Mount Bromo: For an unforgettable adventure, head to Mount Bromo, an active volcano that offers a breathtaking sunrise. The morning climb to the summit is a unique experience, offering breathtaking views of the volcanic landscape.
    Malang Market: Round off your trip to the Malang region with a visit to its bustling market. Sample local flavors, buy handcrafted souvenirs and immerse yourself in the daily life of this bustling town.

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