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Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and a top destination for travelers from around the world. This modern and vibrant city is full of fascinating sights that offer a unique insight into the culture and history of the UAE. Abu Dhabi is also famous for its iconic skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, pristine beaches and family-friendly theme parks. With attractions for all tastes and ages, this city is a true hidden gem of the UAE.


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Five Ideas for Guided Tours in Abu Dhabi


  • The majestic Sheikh Zayed Mosque

    The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a must-see when visiting Abu Dhabi. This architectural marvel, which can accommodate up to 41,000 worshippers, is an example of modern Islamic architecture with touches of Persian, Mughal and Moorish styles. The mosque is built of white marble, which shines under the Emirati sun. The walls are adorned with semi-precious stone mosaics, and the crystal chandeliers imported from Germany add a touch of elegance to the whole.
    Upon entering the mosque, you will immediately be struck by the grandeur of the building. The pointed arches, slender columns and geometric patterns create a majestic and soothing atmosphere. The mosque also has several inner courtyards, one of which is made of white marble, as well as numerous water basins, which reflect the sun’s rays and add even more beauty to the whole.
    The Sheikh Zayed Mosque also has a library, which contains an impressive collection of books on Islam and Emirati culture. You can also visit the museum to learn more about the life of Sheikh Zayed, founder of the United Arab Emirates. Exhibits include personal items, photographs and important documents.
    As you explore the area surrounding the mosque, you’ll discover other fascinating sights. The nearby Qasr Al Watan Presidential Palace is an example of traditional Arab architecture. You can also visit the Ferrari World theme park, where you can test your racing skills on the world’s fastest roller coaster.

  • Liwa Oasis

    The Liwa Oasis, located in the middle of the desert, is a hidden gem that deserves to be explored. This expanse of greenery is nestled between the sand dunes and offers a unique landscape that will not fail to amaze you. While visiting, you can explore the many villages in the area, such as Madinat Zayed and Liwa City, which offer an authentic cultural experience. While visiting the Liwa Oasis, be sure to check out the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, a luxury hotel that offers stunning views of the surrounding sand dunes. You can also visit the Moreeb Dune, which is the largest sloping sand dune in the world, and offers a panoramic view of the area. Adventurers can explore the desert on camelback, while thrill seekers can try sandboarding on the sand dunes. Finally, a visit to Liwa Oasis would not be complete without a visit to the Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque, a magnificent white mosque that stands majestically in the area.

  • Abu Dhabi Corniche

    If you are looking for a walk along the water with a breathtaking view of the city, Abu Dhabi Corniche is the place for you. This 8-kilometer promenade is a beautiful and peaceful space in the middle of the city and offers panoramic views of the ocean.
    Start your walk at Mina Zayed Fishing Port, one of the oldest ports in Abu Dhabi. Admire the colorful fishing boats and the bustling fish market. Continuing your walk, you will arrive at the Abu Dhabi Heritage Park, where you can learn more about the city’s culture and history. Continuing your walk, you will arrive at the iconic Emirates Palace, a luxury palace with a private beach. Even if you can’t afford a night at this 5-star hotel, you can still stroll through the well-kept gardens and admire the stunning architecture.
    Then, head to the Al Bateen Bridge to enjoy the view of the water and Lulu Island. The island is a beautiful retreat with a peaceful beach and spectacular views of the city. The corniche will then lead you to Al Khubeirah Garden, a well-maintained park with playgrounds, picnic areas and a beautiful view of the harbor. Finally, end your walk at Etihad Towers, a complex of five towers that offer panoramic views of the city. The 74th floor of the tallest tower offers a breathtaking view of the corniche and Lulu Island.

  • Qasr Al Hosn Fort

    Qasr Al Hosn Fort, also known as the White Palace, is a historic site located in the heart of the city. The fort bears witness to the history of the region and its evolution over the centuries. Discover the history of this fascinating place by visiting the different rooms of the fort, including the audience hall, where the rulers of the region welcomed their guests, and the prayer hall, where they meditated. You will also be able to admire the many exhibits that tell the history of the city. After your visit to Qasr Al Hosn Fort, be sure to head out to the surrounding area to see more sights. Visit the Date Market, located just a few steps from the fort, where you can buy fresh dates and other souvenirs. Then, head to the Abu Dhabi National Museum to learn about the history of the entire UAE.

  • The Louvre in Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi is a city full of places to visit, but if you are an art lover, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is a must-see. Located on Saadiyat Island, this museum offers a unique experience that combines art, culture and history. The Louvre Abu Dhabi building is a work of art in itself. Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, it has won several awards for its innovative design and timeless beauty. Inside, the art collections are equally impressive. You’ll find Renaissance art, impressionist paintings, modern sculptures and much more.
    One of the museum’s most popular exhibits is the jewelry gallery, which displays jewelry and artifacts from different cultures throughout history. Visitors can also view the collection of modern paintings and sculptures, as well as temporary exhibits.

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