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I’m Alba, an experienced & certified local guide, with a charismatic character and passion for the history and legends of the city!

I started learning about the history and legends of Seville 12 years ago, when I was at university, therefore I decided to specialize in Historical Heritage Interpretation, so I could show this wonderful city and its culture to other culture lovers who traveled here.

Five years ago, I started working in tourism as a cultural manager, designing tours and itineraries for agencies.
Thus, I thought the next logical step was to study for the Tour Guide examinations, and that’s what I did,

In all my tours I obviously teach about real historical facts, but also wonderful legends, mixing everything with a bit of my personality, to make the tours be entertaining and upbeat, without falling in a tape-recorder kind of tour.

So this is what you will see in all my routes: my passion for this city and its heritage.
Are you ready to enjoy Seville and its wonderful historical heritage?
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Mother tongue : spanish
Languages of visits : english, spanish
Certified Guide   ✔

Alba Delgado guide touristique à Séville

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