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Hi, I am Elizabeth I am from Quito – Ecuador at the Middle of the World, I am a local and national Tour Guide. I have been working as a guide 12 years, I traveled around Ecuador and I discovered many awesome places in my small but beautiful country. I can show you the most touristic and beautiful places, but I would like to show you too the lesser known places. I can individualize each tour based on what you want to see. I will tell you about the history of Quito and Ecuador and I can describe how the life is here. If you need I also can give you some recommendations for places to visit, restaurants, shops and public transportation. I love my city and my country I wish that people know this small country to love like me. Ecuador has 4 worlds in a small space, we have mountains, beaches, jungle and Galápagos island, It is a lovely place. I can customize a tour for you based in your interest, all my tours are very flexible, I love my job and It is very important for me that you feel happy and know a little bit more about Ecuador, so that is my main goal. I recommend you visit Ecuador and feel alive again, It is an amazing experience.
Mother tongue: Spanish
Languages of visits: English, Spanish

Informal guide