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Croatia > Dubrovnik

I welcome you to my hometown of Dubrovnik where I was born and raised.

Let me tell you the history and the way of life as a local who has been living and working in the Old City for many years. Even in the hardest of times, during the recent Homeland War in Croatia, I was here, proudly defending the “Grad” and its people, as we, the locals call Dubrovnik with a capital G, meaning: „The City”.

As a fellow traveler who’s traveled to every continent of the world, I know what it’s like to be a tourist, so give me the opportunity and pleasure of meeting you and showing you our fascinating and enchanting Old City. As quoted by the famous Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw: “If you want to see heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik”.

I truly believe that being a local and having many years of experience working in tourism will guarantee you only the best of the service and pleasure during your visit. Who can show you better Dubrovnik than someone who’s been living here in times during the socialist era, the war period and nowadays?! So, why not choose one of the offered tours and get to know the little hidden secrets only the natives know, that have made Dubrovnik a unique and very special world known city, called „The Pearl of the Adriatic”.

Apart from my admiration for travelling, I spend most of my free time at sea, swimming, diving, fishing, cruising or just floating and gazing at the Old City’s ramparts from the sea. I’m very fortunate to posses a motor boat with a berth position in the Old City harbour from where I set off to the numerous islands and endless coastline of the Adriatic Sea. My favourite positions are around Lokrum Island where I practically known every rock.

Be my guest, take a tour and explore the depths of Dubrovnik and its divine surrounding area, dive into the history, culture, gastronomy, language, nature, art, tradition, customs, …. and enrich your knowledge and return home with the desire of coming back again!

You wish to do something different to your desire? Customize a tour that suits you the best! Contact me and let’s do it together!

Looking forward to meeting you.

Mother tongue : Croatian
Work languages : English, croatian
Certified Guide *
Vlaho Lujo guide accompagnateur de voyage en Croatie