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Dubrovnik, the jewel of Croatia, is known as "the pearl of the Adriatic" for a reason. The city was enormously damaged during the war of the early 1990s but fortunately its reconstruction was quite fast. Today you can still admire its ramparts that run into the sea, you can walk through its narrow streets passing by its beautiful flowered squares. The charm of the city is everywhere, so it is not surprising that tourists flock in large numbers, especially since the hotel offer is very varied. This is also where many scenes from the Game of Thrones series were filmed.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Dubrovnik

  • The city walls of Dubrovnik

    To start your visit to Dubrovnik, there is nothing like a walk on the city walls. The entire tour is 2 kilometers long and will take you at least 2 hours to complete. From there, you will have a breathtaking view of the entire old city. Churches, monasteries, roofs of houses… The walls were built between the 8th and 16th centuries and can reach in some places a thickness of 6 meters. The walls are the ideal place to hire a Dubrovnik private guide who will help you discover the city and its history.

  • Franciscan Monastery

    Located in the west of the city, the Franciscan Monastery of Dubrovnik also called Franciscan Monastery of Friars Minor built in 1337 is a masterpiece of Romanesque art that has two cloisters and 130 columns. The building has one of the most valuable libraries in the country but it is only open to the monks who live there. There is also one of the oldest pharmacies in the world with various devices and measuring instruments. Here you can buy beverages made according to ancient recipes as well as natural cosmetics.

  • Placa (Stradun)

    Entering the old town of Dubrovnik through the Pile gate, you will arrive directly on the main street: the Placa, also called the Stradun. This 300-meter street will take you all the way to the harbor through the Ploče Gate to the east, and it is completely pedestrianized. All along, you will enjoy cafes, restaurants and souvenir stores. Especially look up to admire the very beautiful baroque style houses almost all similar, as their construction dates back to the earthquake that took place in 1667.

  • Onofrio Fountain

    If you enter from the Stradun through the Pile Gate, you will immediately notice the domed Onofrio Fountain. It is located in front of the church of San Salvatore. It was built in 1438 to provide the inhabitants with drinking water (which is still the case). Via a system of aqueducts, water was brought from the Dubrovačka River, located 11 kilometers from Dubrovnik. Today it has become the emblematic place of the city. People stop here to have a drink around, listen to the musicians playing in the square or start guided tours organized by the city tourist office.

  • Lokrum Island

    The tiny island of Lokrum is only 10 minutes away from Dubrovnik. To get there, take the boats that leave from the old port. It is 2 kilometers long and 500 meters wide. The place is covered with trees, exotic plants and a monastery that has been transformed into a botanical garden. One of the curiosities of the island is the 10 meters deep salt lake which is connected to the sea via underground caves. Do not miss the royal fort, built by the French in 1806. You will reach it by a steep path and the view from the top is absolutely magnificent.

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