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This historic city, located on the Adriatic coast, is the perfect blend of ancient culture, stunning architectural heritage and idyllic beaches.
Split, is an incredible travel destination that is sure to blow your mind!
Immerse yourself in history by visiting the Diocletian's Palace, a unique archaeological site. This 4th century monument is a stunning testament to the Roman Empire and today houses museums, stores, restaurants and bars.
Spend a day exploring the cobblestone streets of the old town, with its stone buildings and historic churches, to feel the medieval atmosphere. Also enjoy the delicious local cuisine, with specialties such as fresh fish, seafood and local wines.
And when you need to relax, head to one of Split's many beaches, such as Bačvice or Bene, to sunbathe on the warm sand and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Split


  • Diocletian’s Palace

    The Diocletian’s Palace is an architectural gem not to be missed!
    This huge historical complex, dating back to the 4th century, will transport you back in time and offer you a fascinating glimpse of life under the Roman Empire.
    Begin your visit by exploring the palace’s extensive gardens, where you can admire the marble walls and archaeological remains that bear witness to the grandeur of the Roman era. You will be amazed by the imposing dimensions of the halls, the baths and the vaulted passages.
    The highlight of the visit will certainly be the Basilica of Saint Mary, hidden inside the palace. This building was built from the foundations of a Roman temple and was transformed into a church in the Middle Ages. You will be amazed by the colorful frescoes, ornate mosaics and round arches that adorn the interior

  • Neighborhood of Veli Varoš

    One of the oldest quarters of the Croatian city is located in its historic center. This picturesque suburb overlooks the hill above the old town and offers a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea and the tiled roofs of the houses.
    Veli Varoš is also known for its rich cultural and architectural heritage. It is home to many historical buildings, including the Clock Tower, a stone tower dating back to the Middle Ages that is a symbol of the neighborhood.
    You can also discover the many churches in the neighborhood, such as the Church of Saint Mary, which houses a collection of medieval frescoes. The neighborhood is a gathering place for local artists, who often hold art exhibitions and concerts.
    In addition to its cultural heritage, Veli Varoš is also a great place to relax and explore local life. It is home to many bars, restaurants and cafes where you can sample delicious local cuisine, as well as craft stores where you can buy unique souvenirs.

  • Riva Walk

    Here we are on a cobblestone walkway lined with palm trees and open-air bars that runs along the Adriatic Sea and offers a spectacular view of Split’s old town. The Riva Promenade is a great place to stroll and enjoy the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. It is the best way to easily reach the most popular attractions of the city, such as Republic Square, the Clock Tower or the Central Market.
    Take the time to sit on a bench and contemplate the view of the sea. There are also many bars with beautiful terraces where you can sip a coffee or a glass of wine. These are the places where you can talk with the locals. The Riva Promenade is very lively. There are often live concerts, festivals and other activities taking place there.

  • Marjan Park

    Marjan Park is a green oasis of more than 170 hectares, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and the mountains. It is the ideal place for hiking enthusiasts. There are several paths through the woods and hills. There are also several quiet and uncrowded beaches, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sun. From the hill of Sustipan, you will have one of the most beautiful views.
    Marjan Park is also known for its diverse flora, with many species of rare trees and plants. There is also a botanical garden with a collection of local and exotic plants.
    In summary, the Park is an ideal place for nature lovers looking to escape the hectic pace of the city. It offers a peaceful and idyllic environment to relax and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

  • Split’s beaches

    Here is a list of the main beaches in Split and some lesser known ones that are worth a visit:
    1. Bačvice: located in the heart of the city, this is the most popular beach in Split. It is very busy and lively, with many bars and restaurants nearby.
    It noted that it is one of the few sandy beaches in the vicinity.
    You can participate in the typical game of the region. The picigin, is played with the feet in the water. The goal is to multiply to the maximum the most acrobatic passes with a small ball trying that this one does not fall in the sea.
    In the extension of the beach in Bačvice, we find Ovčice. This time, gravel has replaced the sand, but it is also a more natural setting where the deckchairs brush the water’s edge or you will have more space to relax.
    2. Bene: This beach is located on the west side of Marjan Hill, bordered by a pine forest. It is the most out of town and clearly far enough to walk to. Very popular with families, Bene beach has many playgrounds and for more peace and quiet, you can reach some nice little wild coves by walking a little further.
    3. Jezinac: this beach, along the Meshtrovitch promenade, is made up of pebbles or large flat rocks and is less well known than the others, but it is worth a visit. It is surrounded by abundant vegetation which makes it a privileged place where many luxury villas were built. It is also a place of choice for scuba diving, home to many different marine species.
    4. Trstenik: This pebble beach is located west of Split, just past Zenta marina. It forms a perfect crescent moon and is bordered by a beautiful promenade.
    It is less frequented than the other beaches in the area and its infrastructure is less developed.
    5. Znjan: located east of the city, this sandy beach lined with palm trees is quieter and less frequented than the others. It offers a peaceful setting to relax and sunbathe facing the islands of the Adriatic and to party, several bars of atmosphere.
    6. Kašjuni: this other beach in Marjan Park is considered by some to be the most beautiful in Split. Don’t let the pebbled ground put you off, because here you can easily rent sunbeds and spend the whole day lounging, swimming and admiring the sea scenery with the cliffs in the distance. In the evening, an open-air discotheque will allow you to continue the party until the end of the night.

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