Thomas Fremaux


My name is Thomas, I’m a guide living in Bogotá, and I created Kihicha to guide you through its streets.

I offer you the chance to discover Bogotá in a personalized way, highlighting the stories of Colombia and how these have helped shape the territories you travel through.
Whether you opt for the must-see candelaria, a nature break or a tour of several neighborhoods, you’ll discover the cultural and heritage riches the capital has to offer.

I founded Kihichá to offer a French-speaking public an alternative to the big tours, by offering the possibility of visiting Bogotá in a more intimate way.

I’ll be there to listen to you, on site or in advance by email or whatsapp, to give you the best advice for your stay. There are several tour formulas, all of which can be customized.

Don’t hesitate to contact me here or via the contact details on my website for more information.
See you soon in Bogota.

Mother tongue : french
Languages of visits : french

Thomas Fremaux guide touristique en Colombie