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Going on a trip with a minimum of care is always helpful.
Here are some of the obvious things you need to remember to stay safe.

Blog Les réglés pour voyager en sécurité
  • It’s a good idea to scan your ID documents (passport, driving licence, visas, insurance certificates) and send them to yourself via email.
    That way, you’ll have a copy in the unfortunate event you lose anything.
  • Check out your destination, don’t take any unnecessary risks by venturing into unsafe areas.
    The French government’s foreign travel advice can be found (in French) on the Conseils aux voyageurs website.
  • Before going trekking or hiking, always let someone know what you’re planning to do, give them your itinerary and tell them when you’re planning to come back.
  • If you’re the victim of an attack or attempted mugging, it’s best not to put up a fight. Do nothing and resign yourself to the theft.
    You might end up losing money and they may get your camera but hopefully you’ll be ok and that’s the most important thing.
    Assuming you have travel insurance, you’ll hopefully be able to make a claim and recover your money.
  • Keep your money in a safe place, practice counting out foreign currency making sure you separate out the notes and don’t ever take a big wad of cash out in full view of everyone.
  • Most thefts occur at the start of people’s holidays. People are often less vigilant because they’re tired after the journey and so delighted to be start sightseeing at last.
  • One more piece of advice, avoid wearing a bum bag on full show, which is a bit like telling any potential robbers:
    “Look everyone, I’m carrying valuables, and they’re in here!”
  • Be extremely careful on the roads and don’t hire a moped unless you know how to ride one.

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