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My name is Leo Silva. Born and raised in Valparaiso – Chile. I’m a local tour guide who loves to show his city to all of the tourist from all around the world. I do walking tours trough the city, not just at the touristic area. I love to take my passengers to the real places and neighborhoods that have all of the local flavor. Because, to visit a city is more than just visit places, I love also to take the public buses at my tours, using them to get you closer of our people and culture. In my narrative I will give you the information that is a mix of historical, identity, culture, local curiusstuff like a story telling. Let me show you my city. Let me get you closer to our culture and identity, let me fascinate you with my storytelling. I’m waiting for you. See you here at Valparaíso – Chile!
Mother tongue: Spanish
Languages of visits: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Informal guide

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