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It´s a pleasure to have you here!
I hope we have a great time together, exploring what Niterói has to offer!

Many people who comes to visit Rio, forget about his sister.
Yes! Niterói would be something like, New York and New Jersey?
Both cities are connected by a bridge and have a lot of history background together trough time.

From beaches to visit and hills to hike, to historical museums and traditional restaurants! Nature and culture come together in a Feijoada like dish, to offer you many possibilities of entertainment and good momments to share!

We can go for several hiking trails and visit tons of beautiful landscapes!

And why not book a paragliding tandem flight to be the cherry on your trip? I will be very happy to arrange it for you!

Book your tour!
Let me show you a Niterói from a local perspective!

Mother tongue : portuguese (brazilian)
Languages of visits : english, spanish, portuguese (brazilian)
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Lucas Ribeiro guide touristique à Niterói prés de Rio