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The Amazon is much more than just an ecosystem: it's a veritable spectacle of nature that will transport you to an enchanting world. From majestic rivers to dense canopies, exotic animals to fascinating indigenous cultures, every moment spent here is filled with astonishing discoveries.
Opt for a cruise on the Amazon, the mighty river that flows through these mysterious lands. You'll navigate its tumultuous waters, discovering the breathtaking landscapes that line its banks. Along the way, you'll meet local communities who have lived in harmony with nature for generations. Intrepid explorers can embark on an adventurous trek through the winding trails of the Amazon jungle. Accompanied by experienced guides, you'll discover hidden waterfalls, medicinal plants and wild animals.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Amazonia

  • Manaus, the dazzling gateway to Amazonia

    With its exotic beauty and captivating historical heritage, Manaus is a thriving metropolis and the ideal starting point for exploring the region’s natural wonders. The city offers a vibrant atmosphere, where past and present meet in harmony. The Amazonas Theatre, an architectural jewel in the Renaissance style, is one of the city’s most emblematic landmarks. Its magnificent interior and ceramic-tiled dome will transport you to a bygone era, when opulence reigned in the heart of the jungle.
    Set off for the convergence of the Negro and Solimões rivers, where the dark waters of the former meet the muddy waters of the latter. Marvel at the separation of the two rivers, which continue to flow side by side without ever mixing. For an immersion in lush nature, head to Janauari Ecological Park. Sail through its winding canals lined with dense vegetation and discover the wildlife that inhabits these waters. From one-of-a-kind pink dolphins to sleepy sloths hanging from the branches, every moment spent in this ecosystem is an unforgettable experience. And don’t forget to lose yourself in the Mercado Municipal, Manaus’ bustling market. Explore the colorful stalls filled with tropical fruits, exotic spices and local handicrafts. Indulge in the culinary delights of the Amazon, such as grilled tambaqui and tacacá, a traditional manioc-based soup.

  • Anavilhanas Archipelago

    Comprising over 400 islands dotted along the winding waters of the Rio Negro, the Anavilhanas Archipelago offers a diverse and unspoilt ecosystem, perfect for adventure. When you set foot on these paradise islands, you’re immediately enveloped by the magic of nature. Explore the narrow canals lined with vegetation, where capuchin monkeys gracefully swing from tree to tree. Observe the exotic birds that color the sky with their vibrant plumage, such as the blue macaw and the turkey vulture.
    One of the archipelago’s must-do experiences is a canoe trip through the meandering rivers. For a more intense adventure, embark on a guided hike through the rainforest. The trails will take you through picturesque landscapes, waterfalls and refreshing natural pools. Marvel at the diversity of plant and animal species you’ll encounter along the way, from wild orchids to howler monkeys. Another highlight of the archipelago is the floating village of Acajatuba, where you can meet local communities and discover their traditional way of life.

  • Marajó Island

    Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this unspoilt paradise.
    Start your exploration at Joanes beach, where the golden sands stretch as far as the eye can see. Plunge into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the peace and tranquility that reigns here. Admire the spectacle of local fishermen bringing in their nets full of fresh fish, an authentic scene of island life. As you continue your journey, head to Pesqueiro beach to observe the majestic water buffalo strolling peacefully along the shore. These emblematic creatures of Marajó Island add a unique touch to the island experience and are a true symbol of the region. Don’t miss a visit to the village of Salvaterra, where you can admire the famous Marajoaras ceramics. These unique pieces, inspired by the ancestral culture of the indigenous Marajoaras, depict animals, geometric patterns and spiritual symbols.

  • Sao Luis

    São Luis is a journey through time, a meeting of history and nature. Explore its lively streets, dive into its beaches and soak up the unique atmosphere of this enchanting destination. Start your exploration in the historic center, strolling through the colorful streets of the old town, where you’ll be dazzled by the magnificent azulejos, the Portuguese ceramic tiles that adorn the facades of colonial houses. Stop off at Plaza Gonçalves Dias, where street artists perform and you can sample a delicious tapioca. For a breathtaking view of the city, head to Praia Grande, a seaside promenade. Stroll along the golden sands of Calhau beach, where you can relax and soak up the sun while watching the waves roll in. Surfers will also appreciate the ideal conditions for practicing their favorite sport.
    For an authentic cultural experience, visit the Museu Histórico e Artístico do Maranhão, where you can learn more about the history of São Luis and the surrounding region. Discover fascinating exhibits on the colonial period, slavery and the African influence on local culture.

  • Santarém

    Come and discover this destination where every moment is a discovery, every place a marvel and every encounter a treasure to be treasured.
    Start your exploration at the magical meeting point of the waters, the famous “Encontro das Águas“. Observe the incredible natural spectacle where the blue waters of the Tapajós River mingle with the brown waters of the Amazon, without ever mixing. Continue your journey to the community of Alter do Chão, a true tropical paradise. This freshwater beach, nicknamed the “Caribbean of the Amazon”, invites you to relax on its white sand and swim in its translucent waters. Round off your stay in Santarém with a visit to the Flona do Tapajós, a nature reserve home to a multitude of plant and animal species. Explore its paths and let yourself be guided by the bewitching scents of the flowers and the songs of exotic birds.

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