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I am a person from Lake Baikal. Many people visit this lake from all over the world. Irkutsk is one of the most visited cities in Russia, it has super interesting history and is very beautiful. Welcome. Introduction to Siberian hospitality and travels to Lake Baikal. Any time of the year it is great to visit. If there is a great guide, spending time in Siberia is really fun and there is so much to see. Variety of nature views and landscapes is amazing at Lake Baikal. It is totally unique place in the world. Travel to Ulan-Ude and Buryatia, explore Eastern and even Northern parts of Lake Baikal. Super exclusive destinations start from here, into the places where nobody goes. It is absolutely amazing to live near Lake Baikal and from time to time to have outstanding travel experiences that bring to the understanding that we live in a very special place that we have to take care of.
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Informal guide

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