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Prepare to be dazzled by the vast expanses of the Siberian taiga, a dense and mysterious forest that stretches as far as the eye can see. Hike its winding trails, breathe in the pure air and listen to the melodious songs of the birds. Don't miss the majestic Lake Baikal, the pearl of Siberia. This freshwater lake is the deepest and oldest in the world. In winter, witness a unique spectacle as the lake transforms into a frozen expanse, creating a landscape of icy beauty.
As you explore Siberian cities, immerse yourself in the region's rich history and culture. Tomsk will charm you with its wooden architecture and picturesque alleyways, while Novosibirsk will impress you with its urban dynamism and captivating museums.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Siberia

  • Altai Mountains

    Marvel at the majesty of the snow-capped peaks that stand proud against the azure sky. The Altai Mountains offer an exceptional playground for hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts. Follow winding trails, overcome the challenges of steep ridges and savor the satisfaction of reaching peaks that offer breathtaking panoramic views. In the heart of this region, discover the Chulyshman Valley, a true paradise for nature lovers. Follow the meandering Chulyshman River, surrounded by spectacular cliffs and verdant forests.
    The Altai Mountains are also home to a rich cultural diversity. Meet indigenous peoples such as the Kazakhs and Tuvans, and immerse yourself in their nomadic way of life. Discover their arts and crafts, such as carpet-making, embroidery and woodcarving. For history buffs, head to the Ukok Valley. Explore the tombs of the Scythian princes, witnesses to an ancient civilization that inhabited the region thousands of years ago.

  • Yakoutsk

    Discover Yakutsk, the fascinating capital of the Sakha Republic, located in the heart of Eastern Siberia. Prepare yourself for a unique experience in one of the world’s coldest and most extreme cities, where adventure meets beauty.
    As you explore Yakutsk, marvel at its traditional wooden architecture, a testament to its rich cultural heritage. Stroll the picturesque streets and discover architectural gems such as the Assumption Cathedral, with its colorfully patterned domes. Next, embark on an out-of-the-ordinary experience exploring the Alley of the Mammoths ice caves, where you’ll be dazzled by natural ice sculptures and sparkling crystal formations.
    For outdoor enthusiasts, the area around Yakutsk offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor adventure. Head to Lake Baikal , where you can enjoy spectacular scenery, challenging hikes and winter activities such as ice fishing and dog sledding.

  • Olkhon Island

    Start your exploration by discovering Cape Khoboy, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Baikal. Let yourself be captivated by the serenity of the place and take time to contemplate the unique rock formations rising majestically above the waters. Continue your journey to the village of Khuzhir, the largest on Olkhon Island , where you’ll discover a rich and fascinating culture. Visit the local museum to learn more about the region’s history and the lives of its inhabitants. Explore the green steppes, dense forests and fascinating rock formations. Don’t forget to admire the ice formations that form during winter, transforming the island into a veritable winter paradise.

  • Irkoutsk

    Discover Irkutsk, a fascinating city where history blends harmoniously with natural beauty. Get ready for an unforgettable cultural adventure in the heart of Russia . Your tour begins with a visit to the famous Karl Marx Street, where you can admire the magnificent carved wooden houses, relics of the Tsarist era. Don’t miss the Decembrist House Museum, which bears witness to the political and intellectual commitment of these Russian revolutionaries. Continue your journey to the old market district, known as “Rynok“. Here you’ll find a multitude of colorful stalls selling local produce and handicrafts.

  • The Kamchatka peninsula

    Located in Russia’s far east, this unique destination attracts travelers in search of adventure and awe-inspiring scenery. From its majestic volcanoes to the turquoise waters of its lakes, hot springs and abundant wildlife, Kamchatka promises an unforgettable experience. Volcanoes such as Klyuchevskaya, the highest active volcano in Eurasia, welcome you with their imposing majesty. Feel the adrenaline rush as you climb their steep slopes and enjoy breathtaking panoramas from their snow-capped peaks. The Kamchatka peninsula is also famous for Lake Kurilskoye, with its palette of colors ranging from deep blue to brilliant turquoise. For a relaxing experience, don’t miss the Datchniye hot springs. Immerse yourself in the natural thermal waters, surrounded by idyllic scenery, and let your worries evaporate in the clouds of steam. Wildlife lovers will be enchanted by the peninsula’s exceptional biodiversity. Observe brown bears in their natural habitat on an organized excursion to the Kronotsky nature reserve, or discover the colonies of seabirds that populate the steep cliffs along the coast.

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