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You will get familiar with the magnificent city of Riga, which stands proudly on the banks of the river Daugava for more than 800 years, however never gets old. Different kinds and rulers have always regarded this city as the most valuable part of their possessions, however, the city and the citizens have always been too proud to subject fully and all the rulers have granted to the city the privileges to live according to own rules :) The old city counts for only 1/600 part of the whole city, however, in those buildings and narrow streets you can feel the complex history of this small spot of land. Did you know that this used to be the biggest city in the Swedish kingdom? Did you know the worlds largest planes were produced here? Did you know the worlds smallest cameras were produced here as well? Did you know the inventor of jeans was born here? :) You will hear about these and many other interesting facts and people during the tour and you will also see the impressive architecture of the Old City, which is proudly listed on UNESCO world heritage list. Hope to see you soon!
Mother tongue: Latvian
Languages of visits: Russian, Latvian, English
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