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I was born in Osorno, Chile, right in the middle of the Lake District, one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. Due my German origin, I studied at a German school, and that is why I am fluent in several languages- German, English and Spanish. During my youth I had traveled a lot throughout my country and I know it very well, this experience made me choose being a professional driver and tour guide for visitors interested in learning about our country. I like meeting new people from all over the world and to show them the most beautiful places and highlights we have, in addition, I like and love the beauty of the wild nature we have in our district and all along the country. If you want to visit Puerto Montt and surroundings, I be able to offer customized tours to independent traveler as well as to tourists on cruises arriving to our ports. So, I invite you to let me know what your tour dreams are and I take care of details, before you arrive to enjoy the beauty Southern Chile. My perfect day is to see my group of tourists happy and smiling when we come back to the airport, hotel or to the cruise ship at the port.
Mother tongue: Spanish
Languages of visits: Spanish, English, German

Certified guide

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