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You’d never think an Italian criminal attorney may one day decide to wrap things up, move to New York and become a tour guide. But that’s actually what I’ve done.

I grew up as a classic musician. Cello was my instrument but at 19, right after graduation, an incident forced me to stop playing professionally.

After that, choosing law school was not easy. The voice of reason told me I had to keep practicing law, but 6 years ago I decided it was time to do what I really liked. And I’ve always liked New York!

When I came here, all I knew was that I loved this city and that I am a good storyteller. So becoming a tour guide became a natural choice.

The first thing I did was getting my license. And after that, I took all the subway lines and started to walk from one end to the line to the other. It was a very long journey, it took more than two months, but after that I knew I had the pulse of the city, from the iconic places to those where history was made, including Ellis Island, the gateway to America, where I made more than 1000 tours!

My tours want to highlight the beauty and the unicity of New York. Even the most famous, iconic and exploited site in this town can be seen in a new way. Not to talk about the hidden gems the city has to offer, in and out of Manhattan.

I am the quintessence of the private tour guide. I can offer private walking tours and tailor made experiences all over the city. I can also provide, for an additional charge, a private car with a dedicated driver as well as other tourist attractions like helicopter tours, private events, street entertainment, flash-mobs and more.

Mother tongue : italian
Languages of visits : english, italian, portuguese
Certified Guide   ✔

Nicola Menicacci guide accompagnateur de voyage à New York