Francisco Pinto Leite

Portugal > Lisbon

My name is Francisco,and Chico is what my friends call me!

I was born in Lisbon, and work in tourism for more than 20 years.
The love of my city and country brought me to the guiding activity, as I love to show “my” city to everyone.
Tthe places where locals go,where visitors can get a true taste of the portuguese way.
History, Culture, Music, Gastronomy and Outdoors are my favourite subjects!

Walking is the best way to know a place,and that’s what I like to do,because we can stop on places, talk to the people and get to know the ambiences.

I am a good talker and enthusiastic about what I do, and i love to meet new people all the time.

Hope to meet you here!!!

Mother tongue : portuguese
Languages of visits : english, portuguese

Francisco Pinto Leite guide touristique à Lisbonne