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I was born in 1971 in a small town in northern El Salvador, called Aguilares. At the age of 6 for work reasons of my father, I migrated with my family to Guatemala, where we stayed for 1 year. Then I had the opportunity to travel to the United States, I started my primary education, having the joy of being able to learn the English language. During the time in the United States we traveled through 25 States, developing the passion for traveling and adventure. In 2000, thanks to the recommendation of my older brother, I joined INTECAP (Technical Training and Productivity Institute), where I graduated as a General Tour Guide of Guatemala. Tourism in Guatemala is the second most important industry in the country, during the years I have worked as a guide I have been trained and I have learned a lot about the Mayan Culture. Anthropology has always motivated me to learn more about culture and Guatemala is a country with one of the 5 most important civilizations of the world (The Maya Civilization). I After 20 years working in tourism, I made the decision to create my own tour operator GUATE4YOU, with the mission to value the cultural and natural resources of the Mayan World, promoting and developing travel community experiences, that provide visitors and their host, learning opportunities, interaction and distraction in our region. I have focused on community work, I believe that the most important value of Guatemala it’s the Mayan population, the communities have a cultural potential that must be promoted. My work is my passion, I like to show the reality of Guatemala, appreciating the culture that is what makes us different as a region. One of my hobbies is photography, I think it is the best way to capture unique moments and traditions that will remain in our memories forever. My favorite photos are those that are not posed, day-to-day events and where the color and the smile is what predominates.
Mother tongue: Spanish
Languages of visits: English, Spanish

Certified guide