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Hello everyone. I make you discover the history and amazing megalithic culture of Easter Island, Rapa Nui, through its beautiful landscapes and my excursions and private tours. I arrived in Polynesia (Tahiti) in 1989, where I worked as Tahiti Magazine’s director of tourism publications for 15 years and notably created the Air Tahiti Magazine, the magazine of the local airline, Air Tahiti. After several trips on Easter Island, I settled there in 1995, fascinated by the atmosphere of the place, its sweetness of life and the quality of its waves (amateur longboard). Interested in the humanities since my university studies and sharing my time for more than a decade between Rapa Nui (home), Tahiti (office), New Zealand (manufacturing) and Chile (printing), I acquired from my profession a serious formation as for the Polynesian culture and more particularly the impressive rapanui civilization, in contact with researchers, universities, museums, public and private organizations, foundations. On the ground for 25 years and the fact of the many international studies constantly carried out, I make you share the enigmas and certainties that shake the scientific community for several centuries now. Accredited to the authority rapanui in charge of the management of the archaeological and cultural heritage of the island, Mau Henua, and also registered in the national service of tourism Chilean, Sernatur, I offer tours and private tours (personal vehicle) and hiking, off the branch paths, adapted to your desires and your pace. Independent tourist guide, I am your direct contact on Rapa Nui, Easter Island. See you soon.
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Certified guide

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