Claire Warren

England > Cambridge

We offer guided virtual tours of Cambridge. We provide an immersive video experience that can be accessed anytime, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

Expert commentary is provided with a first person perspective as we walk the cobbled streets and go punting on the river in Cambridge.

Our tour lasts for 105 minutes with full playback control provided. Filmed by a professional film-maker, we stop at over 25 famous landmarks to appreciate the architecture on display with panoramic and close-up shots provided. We also provide a free map which tracks the tour route and all landmarks visited.

If you are planning to visit Cambridge in person, our tour can also be used as a self-guided walking tour of Cambridge. You will have lifetime access and you can it watch as many times as you like on your TV, laptop, phone or any streaming device – at anytime, from anywhere.

Mother tongue : english
Languages of visits : english

Claire Warren guide accompagnatrice de voyage à Cambridge