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Personalized Tours by Local Licensed Tour Guides.

Buenos Aires Private Tour is a locally owned tour outfit delivering exceptional excursions in a boutique style.
These tailor-made expeditions will include all the highlights you know about, as well as the hidden gems you may not.

Winner of a TripAdvisor and Luxury Travel Guide Awards, you can be sure this tour is top rated in Buenos Aires.

The team is made up of 5 tour guides, all born in Buenos Aires and led by Liz Andrea. Since 2004 Buenos Aires Private Tour has been introducing visitors to this fun and vibrant region. All of these guides graduated at the University of Buenos Aires, are bilingual, and have a vast amount of knowledge about the city and attractions.

As a concierge service Liz Andrea provide the tour with car , van or bus depend on size of group by an authorized legal company with professional drivers. Service of pick up and dropp off at hotel, and also the transfer in and out from airports the day of the tour.

As a tango dancer Liz Andrea know all the Tango places to advise and book the best option for you and your budget.
She works only with selected places.

Mother tongue : spanish
Languages of visits : english, spanish
Certified Guide   ✔
Andrea Liz guide accompagnatrice de voyage en Argentine