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Hello! I’m Dirk, your tour guide in Salvador and Bahia. Welcome to this magic city that seduced me from the first moment we met, now already more then 25 years ago ! Salvador and it’s people received me with a big smile and open arms and let me become a real “local” or Soteropoletano. And after all these years I’m passionate about it. Let me welcome you here and become your guide in Salvador and Bahia so that you can make the most of your stay and vacation. Salvador is the capital of Bahia, one of the most interesting, beautiful and diverse states in Brazil, in the region called the Northeast. Salvador has also been the first capital of Brasil at the time it was a Portuguese colony and became the most African capital of Brazil. I’ll show you the best that Salvador and Bahia have to offer to enchant their visitors. Come and experience this magic city and fantastic state and let me be your local guide. You will love it!
Mother tongue: Dutch
Languages of visits: Portuguese, Dutch, French, English

Certified guide

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