More than a flight, an experience

EliCompany Helicopter flight company
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Head office: Carpi - Emilia-Romagna Italia

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Main destinations:
- All Italy
- Tuscany
- Capri
- Porofino
- Porto Cervo
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For over 40 years, Elicompany has been welcoming you aboard its modern Bell helicopters, for private transfers or sightseeing flights, in Italy and beyond. Our uncompromising priority is your safety, our aim is to provide a unique and discreet service, our philosophy is to make every flight an unrivalled experience for you and your guest.

Our ambition is to transform your helicopter transfer flight into a unique experience: delicious wine tastings, lunches to discover the authentic flavors of a region, visits to monuments to relive its history. Discover our most popular destinations, from the Alps to Carpi, from Venice to Lake Como, from the Côte d’Azur to Milan.