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Queensland is home to some of Australia's most iconic sites, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, one of the planet's oldest and richest ecosystems. Explore the bustling city of Cairns, the ideal starting point for exploring the wonders of Queensland, or head to the Gold Coast to enjoy magnificent beaches and exciting theme parks.
Whether you're looking for relaxation on idyllic beaches, thrilling wilderness adventures or immersion in Aboriginal culture, Queensland has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Queensland

  • Brisbane

    Queensland’s capital is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city offering a unique blend of culture, nature and entertainment. Whether you’re a lover of art, gastronomy, sport or adventure, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Brisbane.
    Here are just a few of the sights not to be missed during your stay:
    South Bank Parklands: this park on the banks of the Brisbane River invites you to relax and discover. You can swim in the lagoon-shaped artificial pool, admire the botanical gardens, visit the museum and art gallery or take in a show at the cultural center.
    Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: the world’s largest and oldest koala sanctuary. You can see over 130 koalas, as well as kangaroos, wombats, emus and crocodiles. You can even pet and feed some of the animals.
    Story Bridge: this iconic Brisbane bridge offers panoramic views of the city and river. If you’re brave, you can even take a guided ascent of the bridge and enjoy a breathtaking view from the top.
    Mount Coot-tha: just a few kilometers from the city center, this mountain offers a haven of peace and greenery. You can hike or cycle here, admire the exotic plants in the botanical garden or gaze up at the starry sky in the planetarium.

  • Cairns

    If you’re looking for a dream destination in Australia, look no further than Cairns. This coastal city in the north-east of the country is the ideal starting point for exploring the natural wonders that surround it. Whether you’re into diving, hiking, culture or relaxation, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Cairns.
    Cairns’ star attraction is undoubtedly the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef. Cairns is not only a city of nature, it’s also a dynamic, cosmopolitan city. You can enjoy its festive atmosphere and varied gastronomy, strolling along its esplanade lined with cafés and restaurants. You can also discover its history and culture, by visiting the regional museum, the botanical garden or the night market.

  • The Great Barrier Reef

    The Great Barrier Reef in figures: 900 islands, nearly 3,000 reefs over a distance of 2,300 kilometers. This means you’ll have to prioritize your first trip to this idyllic place.
    Explore the Whitsunday Islands, a tropical paradise of white sand. Be enchanted by the beauty of Whitehaven Beach, one of Australia’s most famous beaches, with its powder-fine sand.
    Cruise to the famous Outer Reef, where you can marvel at colorful coral gardens and teeming marine life. Dive with majestic manta rays, swim alongside graceful sea turtles and admire the multicolored tropical fish that inhabit this fragile ecosystem.
    Don’t miss the chance to snorkel or take up scuba diving to explore the depths of this fascinating aquatic world. Renowned dive sites such as Ribbon Reef, Cod Hole and Osprey Reef offer unforgettable encounters with spectacular coral and diverse marine fauna.

  • Fraser Island

    Start your getaway on the famous 75 Mile Beach, an endless stretch of white sand bordered by the turquoise ocean. Explore the Pinnacles, impressive formations of colored sand sculpted by winds and waves over time.
    Continue your exploration by venturing into the island’s tropical forests. The Central Station Rainforest, a former tramway station in the heart of the jungle, is a must-see. Walk along the shady paths, admire the majestic satinay trees and listen to the songs of exotic birds.
    Fraser Island is also renowned for its crystal-clear freshwater lakes. Don’t miss the famous Lake McKenzie, a veritable jewel of turquoise waters and dazzling white sand. Dive into its refreshing waters and relax on its soft sandy beaches.
    Wildlife enthusiasts will be delighted by Fraser Island’s unique fauna. Observe dingoes, the island’s native wild dogs, in their natural habitat. Come across wallabies, kangaroos and a multitude of colorful birds that populate the island.
    For a unique experience, take an excursion to the Champagne Pools, natural rock pools where you can bathe in sparkling, salty water.

  • Port Douglas

    Port Douglas, a tropical oasis nestled on Australia’s northeast coast. This charming seaside town is the ideal holiday destination for nature lovers. Start your stay with a stroll along the famous Four Mile Beach, a beach fringed by turquoise waters. Enjoy the gentle lapping of the waves and the tropical breeze caressing your face. Don’t miss a visit to the famous Agincourt Ribbon Reef, renowned for its vibrant coral gardens and encounters with majestic sea turtles.
    For a unique experience, embark on an adventure into the Daintree Rainforest, located close to Port Douglas. Explore the lush canopy on a zip-line ride, discover hidden waterfalls and observe the exotic birds that inhabit the area.

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