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Beijing is a true immersion in Chinese history and culture. Be enchanted by its treasures, let centuries of tradition guide you and create unforgettable memories in this iconic city.
Explore the Forbidden City, a palatial complex that transports you back to China's imperial era.
Soak up the picturesque atmosphere of the hutongs, traditional alleyways filled with traditional houses, handicraft stores and authentic restaurants. Immerse yourself in the daily life of the locals and discover the richness of the local culture.
Envelop yourself in serenity at the Temple of Heaven, an imperial sanctuary dedicated to the heavens. Admire its sublime architecture, explore its vast gardens and witness millennia-old rituals that inspire reflection and spirituality.

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Five ideas for guided tours in Beijing

  • The Forbidden City: A journey through China’s imperial history

    Beijing’s Forbidden City, a veritable jewel of Chinese history, transports you back through the centuries to the imperial era. Marvel at the grandeur and splendor of this iconic palace complex.
    From the moment you step through the imposing gates of the Forbidden City, you’re greeted by a breathtaking spectacle of majestic courtyards, ornamental pavilions and lush gardens. Every step you take resonates with the weight of history, immersing you in a mysterious and captivating atmosphere. Stroll through the vast courtyards, discover the richly decorated halls and admire the cultural treasures on display. Refined works of art, jade sculptures and delicate porcelain bear witness to the refinement and exquisite taste of the emperors.
    Explore the various palaces that make up the Forbidden City, such as the Palace of Supreme Harmony, the Palace of Heavenly Purity and the Palace of Earthly Tranquility. Each of these buildings offers a unique experience, with fascinating architectural details.

  • Summer Palace

    In the heart of Beijing lies a veritable paradise: the Summer Palace. This enchanting site, steeped in imperial history, is a must-see for lovers of culture and beauty.
    When you enter this haven of peace, you are instantly transported to a world of tranquility and splendor. Lush gardens, elegant pagodas and ornate pavilions create a magical atmosphere that soothes the soul.
    Stroll along the shores of Kunming Lake and admire the view of Longevity Hill (wàn shòu shān). Climb aboard a traditional boat and let yourself be lulled by the calm waters as you contemplate the flower-filled gardens lining the shores.
    Explore the architectural wonders of the Summer Palace, such as the magnificent Buddhist Incense Tower (or Fóxianggé) and the Garden of Virtue and Harmony (or Déhéyuán), a succession of buildings surrounding four courtyards.
    Don’t miss the famous Long Gallery (or Changlang), a covered walkway adorned with colorful paintings at the end of which appears the marble boat (or Shífǎng).

  • The Tiān Tán Temple or Temple of Heaven

    The Temple of Heaven, known as Tiān Tán in Chinese, is much more than just a monument. It is a place charged with spirituality and symbolism, offering visitors a unique and profound experience.
    As you enter this sacred space, the vast gardens, majestic pavilions and imposing altars create a solemn, haunting atmosphere. The highlight of your visit will undoubtedly be the magnificent Hall of Prayers for the Good Harvest (qí nián diàn) and the rotunda pavilion known as the Abode of the Lord of Heaven. With its impressive architecture and vibrant colors, this building is a true artistic masterpiece.
    Explore the surroundings of the Temple of Heaven and discover other architectural gems, such as the Hall of Sacred Music and the Palace of Abstinences. Accompanied by a local guide, you’ll gain a better understanding of the atmosphere and history here, and learn more about the profound significance of the ancient prayers and rituals that took place here.

  • Hutongs: The authenticity of old Beijing

    Hidden in Beijing’s narrow, winding streets are the old quarters of the Hutongs, places steeped in history and authenticity. As you wander through these labyrinthine mazes, you’ll be transported back to the Chinese capital’s fascinating past. Each Hutong has its own charm and reveals a unique aspect of traditional life.
    Explore the famous Nanluoguxiang Hutong, known for its vintage boutiques, trendy cafés and lively, bohemian atmosphere.
    Yandaixiejie Hutong is a real hidden gem. Its cobbled streets and traditional houses offer a total immersion in local culture. Discover the small local markets, taste traditional culinary specialties and chat with the locals.
    A visit to the Gulou Hutong is also a must. Located close to the famous Drum Tower, this district is brimming with craft stores, traditional restaurants and picturesque courtyards.
    Take time to soak up the unique atmosphere of the Hutongs, observe the daily life of the inhabitants, admire the typical old houses and let yourself be guided by the magic of these historic districts.

  • Qianmen Street

    In the heart of Beijing, Qianmen Street is a gateway to an enchanting blend of past and present. This carefully restored historic thoroughfare takes you on a captivating journey through the ages.
    Admire the traditional architecture of the stores, residences and temples that line the street. Be enchanted by the intoxicating aroma of local dishes and sample the delights of Beijing cuisine.
    Don’t miss a visit to the majestic and imposing Tian’anmen Gate, a symbol of Chinese history and pride. Continue your exploration towards Tian’anmen Square, a place full of symbols and historic moments.
    Qianmen Street is also the ideal starting point for discovering Beijing’s cultural wonders. Nearby is the People’s Assembly Palace, where you can admire the grandiose architecture.
    For a modern touch, head to the Qianmen Dajie shopping district, where you’ll find international brand boutiques, modern shopping malls and trendy restaurants.

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