GJ Won

South Korea

I want to give you a perfect score for deciding to travel to Korea.

I look forward that your trip to Korea is imperssive enough to make you plan your next trip to Korea.
I’m ready to help you travel to Seoul. It is a pleasure to visit the amazing places, beautiful places, and hidden gem-like places in Seoul.
But I believe that having the experience with good locals is the biggest reason for making your trip a beautiful memory.

I have been working as a tour guide in Seoul for 7years.
It makes me happy to guide travelers, visit hidden gems and tell stories about Seoul and Korean.

I want to help your trip to Seoul be fantastic.

Most of my guests say about me, I’m energetic, funny, caring, and generous. I lookforward seeing you!

Mother tongue : korean
Languages of visits : english, korean
Certified Guide   ✔

Jee Eun Won guide touristique à Séoul Corée du Sud