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Born in Munich I love this city with all its colorful facettes, its priceless atmosphere, its traditions and its beauty.
This city is harboring so much history, so many secrets and stories and even I as a professional guide am discovering new things again and again.

In 2014 I made my passion a profession: I successfully completed the qualification as a licensed guide of the city of Munich, the following year was filled by intensive training and certification as tour guide for Dachau Memorial Site. In 2018 I accomplished BVGD certification according to DIN-EN-standards for tour guide qualification, insuring European standard in tour guide qualification.

Ever since I’m spending a lot of time on the road as guide, taxi-guide, as well as guide for Dachau Memorial Site with my guests in Munich, Dachau or the surroundings.
I am gladly wrapped up in preparing new tours. Almost every year there are history-charged events to be celebrated, worth to be honored by special tours.

At the end of 2017 I initiated the website who can offer a wide range of tours in many languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish and Dutch.

Mother tongue : German
Work languages : English, french, portuguese, swedish, german
Certified Guide *

Alexander Kardaschenko guide accompagnateur de voyage à Munich