Hussein Ahmed


Native of Luxor, holder of a master’s degree in econo;ics and a diploma in egyptology. I started in the field of tourism in 1992 in a very famus egyptian travel agency, specealiized in the organisation of stays.

Since 1996, I do the profession of egyptologist guide with groups of several international travel agencies. The profession of egyptologist guide as a liberal profession, that allowed me to work with a clintele of all horizons.

By working with large Tour-operators on well supervised circuits, I was able to grasp the gaps in the systeme of these TO and mass tourism which do nont meet everyone’s expectations. So how my concept was born, which consist of organizing secure trips with a large margin of freedom for small groups formed essentially of families, freinds or athers,

My tours allow you to discover the flagship sites of Egypt, with forgetting the little corners of charm, with a rythm allowing you to savor the small details of this magnificient country and get out of a general and common approach

Mother tongue : arabic
Languages of visits : french, english, arabic
Certified Guide   ✔

Hussein Ahmed guide accompagnateur de voyage en Égypte